Paper Yoshi

Chapter One Yoshi's Village is in Panic

If you see an * go to bottom and play the specific video if you see @ search the tattle at the bottom of screen

{C One day on Lava Lava Island, Yoshi was walking on the his beach when he heard a scream. Then he saw a trio of Toadies carriying Chief Yoshi of Lava Lava Island. On the other side of Lava Lava Island Mario and Luigi were drinking Mushroom Juice when Bowser jumped out and trapped them in a net."Bwa Ha Ha, Now your the ones who are kidnapped"Said Bowser."MAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOO"screamed Luigi. "Shut Up Luigi Im right here" said Mario.*1Yoshi came running over to the village.Panic was in the village Yoshis were screaming and running when Yoshi asked a familar voice what happend."My dear Yoshi it seems like 3 of those red menaces flew down and took the chief we need to find him"Said Kolorado a famous koopa professor."Well your going to help me!" said Yoshi."Fine I guess i will help"said Kolorado.Kolorado Joined your party!Kolorado can use Tattles on enemys. "Let me tattle you"@1.Kolorado can also use headslam to deal 2 damege and uses 0 fp

Paper Mario Nice to Meet You

Paper Mario Nice to Meet You

2 Stop at 40 seconds

Paper Mario- Monty Mole Attack!

Paper Mario- Monty Mole Attack!

1 Stop at 25 seconds


HP 10
FP 5
Defense 1

Yoshi is the savior of

Yoshi's Village.He is the

main hero