These are the guidelines for this wiki.

What can I write?

You can write anything, fake or real, about the yoshi series. Remember this is fandom, so be creative. Off-topic articles will be put up on a vote to be deleted. Anything rude or inappropriate will be immediately deleted, and the user that made it will be blocked for no less than 1 month.

What can I edit?

You can edit any article you want, except if it has this template on it.

don't edit unless you're (user name here).

No Title

No information

(user name here) is replaced with the user name of the person who made the article. The only exception is for a admin who has contacted random yoshi 777 first. Violation of this rule will result in being blocked for no less than 2 days.

Special Rules

Some articles will have special rule posted on that article. Violation of these rule will result a punisment to be made by the maker of that article. If you are the maker of that article and you need an admin to deliver the punisment, please contact random yoshi 777 with the details of the punisment and proof of violation.

Yoshies or Yoshis or Yoshi?

You can use whichever form you perfer, but it must stay the same thoughout the article, with the excepion of the yoshi island times. If you start an edit war over this, both or all people involed will be blocked for no less than 5 days. If too many edit wars happens, Random Yoshi 777 will deside the proper spelling.

In conclusion

have fun!!
Rainbow Yoshi by sammy saur



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